Stress • Overwhelm •
Peer Pressure •
Sex • Alcohol • Drugs

Teenagers face these challenges almost every day. And because they do, so do their parents.   In order to be able to handle these and other difficult issues, teens and parents need the proper tools, support and information.

Welcome to Dr. Beth’s Compassionate Parenting National Teleconference Series. Hosted by child psychologist and parent-teen expert Dr. Beth , this teleconference series offers ways for teens and parents to create new and better relationships with each other and become who they want to be in their personal and professional lives.

Contribute and Earn Income

The teleconference will bring together thousands of teens and parents around the country to participate in these calls through “learning circles.”  Dr. Beth is offering individuals and organizations the chance to contribute and earn income from these calls via referrals and circle leadership. 

Future for Teens and Parents

Help create a new future for teens and parents everywhere—one full of hope and opportunity.   Join this powerful event today and be part of transforming the teen-parent connection!  

"Dr. Beth's energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and she is an inspiration to teens and parents everywhere. She offers terrific lessons for courage about being open and honest with your feelings, and opens the door for more and improved communication between adults and teens. Dr. Beth is paving the way to a brighter tomorrow!" - - Michelle Fuller, Parent and Educator


What if you were already good enough?

One of the keys to being sensitive to your child is knowing that you already are a good enough parent. Click below to listen.